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Pdf into word

Online PDF to WORD converter

Our service

Why is there a need to convert PDF to Word document?

Convert PDF to WORD with our service

Online converters are easy and quick to use. An online converter like PDF to DOC is a converter that makes your life easy and allows you to save a PDF file document into a word format. When you convert PDF to Word document with our tool you become editable file and get better quality than any other converters. You do not need to get into hassle of installing any software to do so, instead using it online you can get your work done in minutes.

Now with help of our service you can convert your PDF documents easily into DOC or DOCX and can change or edit it in your own way without any problem.

Transferring PDF document into a word document is important by following reasons:

  • You may need to edit the document and add up additional information
  • You may need to edit a file with mistakes.
  • You may need to provide the revised version or make some appendix based on the original text and for this reason looking for the possibility to copy the original text.

When you find a PDF document and need to convert it into word, you can use online converters. The best part about these online converters is that you do not require creating an account or signing up in order to get your file converted.

The 100% free service of converting your PDF document to Word DOC or DOCX can be done availed by following these simple steps;

However, documents in Microsoft Word format have a number of advantages over the PDF format, the main features are the ability to edit, correct, and spell check.

To change the contents of the PDF you will sweat a lot, meanwhile with Word format everything is much easier. The powerful Microsoft Word Toolkit allows you to fully control your content and focus more on adding the material rather on editing.

Word was originally developed as a tool for reports and text writing, afterwards formulas, graphs and complex objects were introduced which made the Word engine one of the most popular and convenient text processing over the world.

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By transforming documents from PDF to Word it is very important to preserve the data integrity. We should admit that convert PDF to Word document is not a trivial task. For most users it would be desirable to get an identical document in Word, with the same content, with the same filling as in the original PDF.

Whole PDF content is stored and packed inside: formats, objects, fonts, images, etc. Microsoft Word In contrast uses all the tools that are installed on the user’s computer.

You may find various software’s and converters available on the internet that will help you in converting your PDF files to WORD, however, most of them are not expensive, not free to use or may require you to create an account and sign up. Some of these software’s can be difficult to use as well. For reasons like these, online converters come in handy. You just need to follow the instructions and convert them to PDF. You may also convert your files from Word to PDF.

Using an online PDF to DOC converter is a great solution when you are low on money and time. Following these steps below will help you in converting your document from PDF to DOC or DOCX format:

  1. Go to our website and click on the option of PDF to WORD conversion
  2. Upload the file you want to convert
  3. Convert it
  4. Save it

PDF to Word: Convert your PDF files to Word documents

PDF to Word Converter

One of the best online document converters: It will create an editable word document out of any, yes absolutely any PDF.

Docx Format supported

The service supports the advanced .docx standard and creates compressed .docx files out of your PDFs by default.

PDF to DOC Conversion

Per default our tool creates .docx files out of PDFs. Want to convert a PDF to doc instead? No problem! Just choose this option in the toolbar at the top of the page.

Optical Character Recognition

No matter if your PDF contains editable text or is scanned, our smart tool will handle it! If your PDF is scanned our tool will extract the text from it applying sophisticated OCR algorithms automatically.

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Optimized image detection

For excellent PDF to Word conversion results our software uses the most modern algorithms to distinguish between text and images correctly.

Privacy Protection

Your privacy is important for us. Your data will be deleted from our servers after the conversion immediately. We will not share it and do not even look at it.

The portable document format supports complex layouts and is useful for documents with images and tables or scientific documents containing many formulas. On the other hand, it is impossible to quickly edit a PDF file without specific software. For this purpose, Microsoft Word files or LibreOffice documents are much more suitable. Here you found the perfect place to transform static, portable documents into editable ones.

Commonly asked questions:

How to convert PDF to .docx?

By default our service will provide a .docx files whenever you submit a PDF since we believe it is the most universal format for editable documents. Just submit your file and our tool will start transforming it to .docx automatically.

How does this tool deal with images and tables in PDFs?

Our online converter extracts images, tables and even math formulas from your original file and adds them to the Word document without changing any detail. The tool, therefore, performs exceptionally well on scientific articles. In the output Word document, the images and tables will be located close to their initial position in the original document.

Does your service also work for scanned PDFs?

Yes. It does not matter whether your PDF was created by scanning or contains editable text. Our service is able to convert any scanned PDF to Word. In addition, it also detects the images in your input file. The resulting .Docx file will contain both the text and the images from the original file. The converter uses modern algorithms including state of the art technologies of artificial intelligence for an ideal conversion. Details contained in your initial file remain the same. The only thing that changes is the format.

Can I convert a PDF to Doc here?

The default output format of our tool is the compact .docx format but we also offer PDF to DOC conversion. If you want to receive a .doc file as output simply choose the option in the navigation bar at the top-right corner of the page. Alternatively, you can also simply use this converter first and then use your default word processing application to post-process the output received here. Almost any application that is able to deal with .docx will also be able to deal with .doc.

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How do I use your conversion service?

Simply select your PDF document and upload it to our platform by dragging it to the upload field or clicking on the box. Then wait for the conversion after which you can download the converted .Docx file. The whole conversion process should not take longer than 30 seconds. See, it’s easier on our platform than anywhere else.

Are my uploads save on your servers?

We safely convert your files without compromising the privacy of details therein. Your privacy is important to us which led us to decide that all data submitted to our website will be permanently deleted from our servers within an hour. Your identity also remains private since we do not require your personal details to provide you with world class services.

Is your app supported on all operating systems?

Yes. Our PDF to Word converter works on all computers, regardless of whether the operating system is Mac, Windows or Linux. In addition, it also supports all the modern mobile devices. Everything happens in the cloud. We have numerous servers in the cloud, whose main responsibility is to efficiently turn PDF into Word. You can therefore relax and let them convert documents for you within a few seconds.

Document conversion has never been this easy. Enjoy our online document conversion service which delivers an amazing result within a few seconds. With the help of our tool, converting files becomes so easy you could do it with your eyes closed. Using our tool saves you time and money while remaining convenient and efficient. You will be surprised by how documents retain their initial structure.

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